The course

From 10 through 29 July 2017, the Dutch National Summer School an in-depth summer course for ballet dancers between 15 and 21 years of age, took place in the studios of the Dutch National Ballet.

  • 10-15 July 2017
    Bournonville Week
    Faculty: Dinna Bjorn, Frank Andersen, Anne-Marie Vessel, Eva Kloburg, Eric Viudes
  • 17-29 July 2017
    Two-week Intensive
    Faculty: Nathalie Caris, Christiane Marchant, Amy Raymond, Jean-Yves Esquerre, Ernst Meisner, Jozef Varga, Olivier Wecxsteen

The Dutch National Summer School is organized by MovArtProductions in coproduction with the Dutch National Ballet. The courses are focused on various classical techniques; Bournonville technique for the first week; then a Two-Week Intensive with pointe technique for women and brio for men, variations, pas-de-deux and classical repertoires. Both courses will be concluded with studio presentations for parents and a selected audience.

More information on the website of MovartProductions

Artistic Director
Jean-Yves Esquerre (artistic director Dutch National Ballet Academy)

Associate Director
Ernst Meisner (artistic coordinator Junior Company - Dutch National Ballet)

Dutch National Summer School



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