DAS THIRDcycle Forum 2019

and then the air holds them between us

On Saturday 14th December 2019, the Annual Forum 2019 on THIRDcycle research took place at DAS Graduate School. Artists from dance, theatre, music and visual arts pursuing research in international educational institutions presented their ongoing projects.

One of the dynamics of our peer learning experience is how we put our individual resources, creative and otherwise, at the service of our colleagues to enrich, question and inform their processes and their work. In our praxis sessions we work for each other, dance for each other, think with each other. 

Part of our query in this forum was how our works and research topics would behave, interact and influence each other when existing together in the same space. Performative acts, expository moments and collaborations all appeared as an experiment of our ecosystem of study. We welcomed heterogeneous manners of being with research and we invited the audience to experiment shifting modes of perception and reception as a possible pleasure.

Looking back: a short compilation of 2019 Annual Forum, 'and then the air holds them between us'.

Cohort 2 fellows on THIRDcycle research.
Camera: Akram Assam, Editing: Phoebe Osborne


In 2016 DAS Graduate School initiated the 3rd cycle research group named THIRD. THIRD is a unique facilitating model designed as a two-year trajectory for small-scale learning cohorts of seven fellows each year. THIRD prepares theatre and dance artists for 3rd cycle research opportunities through the processes of refining their individual artistic research proposals, sharpening their national and/or international aspirations, and defining their funding possibilities.

About THIRD Cohort 2

Born and bred in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Alison Isadora is a performing composer (or composing performer) and educator practising in the Netherlands since 1986. She studied political philosophy and music at the Victoria University of Wellington (NZ), violin (Vera Beths), and composition (Gilius van Bergeijk and Theo Loevendie) at the Hague Conservatorium and post-graduate performance theatre at DasArts in Amsterdam. She is currently a research fellow at DAS THIRD and embarking on a practice-based Doctorate focussing on co-creation within the composer/performer paradigm in Wellington.

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Gustavo Ciríaco is a Brazilian performing artist based in Lisbon. He started his career in Political Sciences and then drifted to dance-making and site-specific projects. In his works, he dialogues with the historical, material and affective context, moving from exhibition projects to multimedia staged work, passing through  works and landscape projects. Ciríaco has travelled and worked in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East in projects, artistic collaborations and workshops.

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Jennifer Lacey bio TBA

O’Connor graduated from the Amsterdam Master of Choreography program in 2015 and has a BFA from University of Utah. Working at the intersection of cognitive science and movement, his artistic work attempts to recreate and articulate some of the basic building blocks of human perception as performative tools. Recently he has presented work at the Venice Biennale, the Mind and Brain School in Berlin, the Detroit Dance City Film Festival, and Spring Dance in Utrecht.

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Since her graduation from the MA Theatre Studies at the University of Utrecht in 2009, Nienke is developing a dramaturgical practice through which she works and thinks in relation to other realms than performance alone. As a dramaturge she got particularly involved in co-developing methods and practices invoked by new forms of (performance) art - with Dries Verhoeven, Emke Idema, Anne Breure, MOHA, Genevieve Murphy. Since 2014 she works at Veem House for Performance as house-dramaturge, creating discursive programs.

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Visual artist Rosie Heinrich (UK born, Amsterdam based) explores the constructs of self-storytelling, belief, reality and (spoken or wordless) language. She works with audio and video, book making, performance, photography and installations, drawing from an exhaustive practice of interviewing, and using recorded conversations and their transcription as her central medium for both research and production.

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Siegmar Zacharias is a performance maker, researcher, curator. She explores the politics of alienation & intimacy in embodied thinking/being with matter and matters in collaborations with humans and non-humans.
Her work has been shown internationally. It develops formats of performances, installations, discursive encounters dealing with questions of agency, ecology of artistic practice, modes of visceral rationalities. Learning from uncontrollable materials like, smoke, slime, swamps, earthquakes, the nervous system I am working towards a posthuman feminist poet(h)ics.

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