Creating Spaces for Other(ed) Bodies

This presentation outlines Carly Everaert’s long-standing practice as a white, queer, feminist costume designer and how the practice-based critical thinking research course she developed for the scenography department at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam explores the relationship between performance design and our growing awareness of gender, sexual identity, race and the performing body. The presentation explores how intersectional feminist theory, queer and transgender perspectives, Black Studies and a multitude of artistic practices challenge us to connect political and societal questions to our own bodies and to wider bodily experience. The lecture explores how these issues may be filtered through costume and scenographic practice and shares the outcome of these visual translations. How do we implement critical embodied knowledge in our work, and how does this enable us to invest in a more inclusive industry, on and off stage?

Carly Everaert is a costume scenographer. Recent projects include the costume design for the Trojan Wars and Queer Planet at HNT-jong and in collaboration with Liesbeth Coltof Hoffen und Sehnen and Miroloi in Bochum and Berlin. Miroloi received der Faust for best youth theater direction in Germany last season. Carly received the Proscenium Prize for their entire oeuvre in 2022. 

As a teacher-researcher at the scenography department of the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam, she is a member of the Embodied Knowledge research group at the same ATD where she researches questions of costume, space and embodiment from an intersectional, practice-oriented perspective. 

Carly received a research grant for the year 2022-23 with which various existing collaborations can be further developed, such as the one with Mira Thompson where teaching material is created on Dissability Justice in art practices and with Selm Merel Wenselaers (as a follow-up to the Lieve Inclusieve letters in the Theaterkrant ) in which they shared the curatorship of Shebang Issue 3 to further explore the importance of a Trans view of and in performance. From February to October 2023, a taped conversation between Mary Evans and Carly Everaert is part of Evans' exhibition Gilt at Zeitz MOCAA, exploring the colonial histories of their two countries in both of their practices.