Andrea Božić

Andrea Božić (HR/NL) is a choreographer, artist and curator based in Amsterdam. She has a degree in Comparative Literature and English Language from the University of Zagreb, and dance-performance from the School For New Dance Development and the Amsterdam Master of Choreography (DAS Choreography). 

Her work is in-disciplinary and takes form of live performance (PoroCity), installation (Zandloper | Hourglass, The Cube), collaborations with the weather and night sky (Orange Night), games and film. The work figures as an interface with an environment, reorganizes attention and perception, invites paradoxical situations and asks questions about spectatorship and imagination, perception of presence, the politics of viewing, presentation of reality and the organisation and distribution of authorship. All individual projects are part of larger constellations. 

Her work has been presented at numerous festivals and venues internationally within the performing and visual arts. Andrea was artist-in-residence at the ICK and Frascati and is artistic co-director of in-disciplinary platform TILT set up together with visual artist Julia Willms and sound artist Robert Pravda. She teaches internationally and since 2012 is tutor at DAS Theatre.


I have been conducting long-term artistic research into attention, spectatorship and space and how their organisation affects our sense of embodiment, emergent realities and infrastructures.

Against the backdrop of the reduced consumerist and standardized modes of attending in the society of spectacle and capitalist production that are presented and prescribed as ‘natural’  and ‘normal’, I have been developing re-configured modes of attending based on the principle of divided attention and looking in-between through my artistic practice and research. The research is practice-based and transdisciplinary, including performance, visual art, media art, sound art and architecture elements. 

Parallel to this, I am setting up a transversal research into comparable practices, theories and concepts in performing and visual art, architecture, philosophy, esoteric practices, quantum physics and queer studies, creating a rhyzomatic structure that can inform my own artistic investigations.

I approach the concept of attention as an integrated movement combining conceptual, physical, sensorial and affective aspects. I am interested in a particular attention which emerges when the logic of how the space functions is re-organised. My research is into possibilities of transferring organic logic (such as dreams or weather conditions) to existing ‘hard’ infrastructures (such as architecture and modes of thinking) to allow for a space of friction to emerge in their overlap which is potentially transformative. I am interested in how art – in dialogue with transdisciplinary encounters - can figure as a sort of an ‘interface’ with an environment and the world, a space where this kind of attention – re-organised, suspended and intensified, can be practiced.