Fields - book presentation, Julien Bruneau in conversation with Emilie Gallier

Dates: January 24, 19:00-20:30
Location: DAS Graduate School, Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS Amsterdam
Contributors: Julien Bruneau and Emilie Gallier

An essay by Julien Bruneau on our entanglement with space and places, Fields asks: How are we inhabited by the places we inhabit? 
Artist and THIRD tutor Emille Gallier and Bruneau discusses what is it to pursue this investigation as artistic research and give it a literary form. What is the process that brought the book into being? What are its ties to, and the autonomy from, the larger research it is part of ? How do you navigate between performance practice and writing?   

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Julien Bruneau is an artist working with dance, presence, drawing and writing. His interest lies in the dynamic interplay between interiority and the collective. 

Emilie Gallier is a choreographer researcher developing practices of reading as ways of being in the world, implicated. Her interests in performative documentation, experimental publishing, spectatorship, participation, artistic research, and agroecology, come together through her 'tactile gaze' practice. She engages with the works of peer artists with a curiosity for forms of knowledge and forces that lie in interconnected practices. 

Both are alumni of THIRD, as fellows of its first cohort.


Julien Bruneau

As a stretch of land cultivated for crops to grow, a field evokes sensuous associations of smells, turned soil, exposure to weather. In a sense, fields ground our entire sedentary civilization and the cultures it gave rise to. At the same time, the field is where bodies fall in battle, the site that hosts the perishing of things.

Interweaving strands of autobiography with mythological and cultural tropes, Julien Bruneau explores the field as a metaphor rich with meaning and possibility. How do we inhabit fields and their furrows? How in turn do their history and imagination traverse us? As if it were a dance on the page, Fields invites the reader to encounter, think and feel our entanglement with space and places. 


Published in December 2022 by Varamo Press (Brussels/Oslo)
Additional support: DAS Publishing, Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam
Graphic design by Thomas Van Herck
128 pages, 12 x 19 cm, sewn perfect binding
ISBN: 978-82-691492-9-6

18.00 EUR 

Varamo Press embraces the unexpected and values the arbitrary circumstances in which writing comes into being. Snatching, wording, printing, it gives a paper form to various kinds of literature that have a fleeting life elsewhere.