The Academy of Theatre and Dance presents HALf6, a public talk show in the central hall with guests from the city, the field, the study programmes and the neighbourhood.

For one hour we open our doors, get together and ask ourselves: What is going on? Who is in town? Who is in the school? Could the Academy of Theatre and Dance be a public place for debate and encounter? And can we connect more closely with each other and with our direct environment?

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HALf6 is an initiative by the Platform D/T (dramaturgy/theory) of DAS Research of the Academy of Theatre and Dance is a faculty of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK).

Columns Loek Zonneveld

'Een bibliotheek is de ziel en het ademende hart van iedere vrijplaats waar kunstenaars samenkomen om hun louterende werk te doen (...)'

De weerkerende columns tijdens HALF6 van Loek Zonneveld: