Change Now!

The ATD Lectorate is a partner on Change Now! a 3-year, Erasmus+ funded project on democratic values and inclusion in theatre education led by Academy of Dramatic Art, Warsaw, in alliance with 4 other European schools.  

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5 students from the ATD were selected to participate in the international 2-year program that forms the core of the research, 3 BAs & 2 MAs: Alex Blum, Toni Kritzer, Carolina Bianchi, Ciro Goudsmit and Flavia Pinheiro

The program kick-off took place online in September 2021 hosted by Giessen. The ATD Lectorate contributed to the program with Experiments in Listening – a workshop for participants from across the five European theatre schools, together with the Masters students of DAS Theatre, designed and led by Rajni Shah (Associate researcher, DAS Research). 

 On July 4-8 2022, the ATD Lectorate hosted the Change Now project for a 5-day session in Amsterdam – integrating a workshop programme for the participants and a series of conversation-based events for the staff co-ordinated by DAS theatre teacher-researcher Edit Kaldor, Mime teacher-researcher, Audrey Helwes, the Lector, Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca and Director, Anthony Heidweiller. The focus of the meeting was on how we can practice being together in more democratic, safe and mutually empowering ways that contribute to our shared understanding of systemic change. 

This project is funded in part through contributions by the Erasmus+ funding programme. More information about the Erasmus+ programme: The European Commission is not responsible for this content. 

Previous Sessions

4-8 July 2022, Academy of Dance and Theatre at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam

For more information about this event please see the Programme for Student Participants (PDF) and our Programme for Partners (PDF).