4 June - ID.OS E07: Blast Theory

'I would call them the most contemporary media-poet of this age.'
Soh Yeong Roh, head of the Selection Committee for the 2016 Nam June Paik Art Center Award

In the new series ID.OS - IDlab Open Studio - progressive artists present their innovative interdisciplinary practice. From electronic music to video games and from music videos to Instagram documentaries. How does that creative process proceed: from idea, to design, to the end result? What role do internet and social networks play? And how can you collaborate effectively?

Since 1991, the famous Brighton artists' collective Blast Theory has been using interactive media for their groundbreaking work. They are true inventors and pioneers in the field of performance and interactivity.

In this seventh edition we welcome Matt Adams, artist and co-founder of the British Blast Theory. With interactive art he investigates social and political questions, with the audience in the centre of attention. He connects audiences on the internet, with live performances, via apps and digital broadcasts.

Led by Matt Adams, Ju Row Farr and Nick Tandavanitj, Blast Theory creates interactive art that places "you" at the center of the work. Based on pop culture, technology and games, the work often blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction: in virtual and physical spaces from cafes, canals and abandoned warehouses to libraries, museums and apps. Blast Theory looks for unexpected places to make her work accessible to everyone.

Matt Adams presents this collaborative, interdisciplinary work in ID.OS that is innovative in both process and implementation. They focus strongly on research and development, and work primarily from specific contexts and locations. Every work is preceded by a long period of development, but these are always followed by international screenings for several years.

We are very happy that Matt Adams is our guest during ID.OS E-7.

More information:

What: ID.OS E07: Blast Theory (collaborative/interdisciplinary/theatre)
When: Tuesday 4 June, 18:00-19:00
Soup and drinks: ca. 19:00
Location: IDlab Studio, 5th floor, Academy of Theatre and Dance
Admission: Free
Language: English
Host and curator: Juha van ‘t Zelfde
IDlab programme director: Erik Lint