DAS Creative Producing

The new DAS Creative Producing - Entrepreneurship in the Arts Master's degree programme starts in September 2018. This part-time master's is the first programme for creative producers in the Netherlands.


Image: "Gardener" - Chor. Perf. Karol Tyminski. Photo by Bartosz Gorka.
05.09.18, 19:00 hrs.
DAS Graduate School
10.11.18, 13:00 hrs.
DAS Graduate School

DAS Graduate School

DAS Graduate School was established in 2016 by the Academy of Theatre and Dance in order to bring its master’s, doctorate and research programmes together under one roof. DAS Theatre, DAS Choreography and DAS Research have joined forces to invest in the further development of education and research. Currently a third master, DAS Creative Producing, is in development.

The school is based in a recently renovated building with a broad range of facilities, and the heart of the building functions as an open and welcoming locale for gatherings and meetings between the arts, science, education and society.

DAS Graduate School


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