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ATD Fund

Support fund for activities that are not foreseen by the government. The Stichting Fondsen de Theaterschool explicitly has the objective of acquiring new funds and strengthening the objectives of the affiliated funds.

For more detailed information we refer to the Dutch version of the website.

ATD Fund ward ceremony 2023 photos: Nellie de Boer


Students should be able to pursue their education without major stress about their financial situation. That is why the ATD Fund provides grants and contributions towards tuition fees. The awards highlight talents and give them a chance to invest in themselves. Ensure that talented creators can continue to excite us by contributing to the ATD Fund!


The ATD Fund manages these funds and awards:

The Top Naeff Prijs is the oldest theatre student prize in the country and is awarded on an irregular basis to a promising student, graduating from the Academy of Theatre and Dance. The prize is named after writer and theatre critic Top Naeff (1878-1953).

The Top Naeff Prize is awarded thanks to the Top Naeff Prize Fund and is co-sponsored by the Emma Morel Fund.

The first prize winner was actress Sigrid Koetse when she graduated in 1955. After her, the prize has been won by, among others: Carice van Houten, Peter Oosthoek, Suzanne Kennedy, Boukje Schweigmann and Theun Mosk. Most recent winners are:

Top Naeff Prize jury members: Jeroen de Beer, Sabrina van Halderen, Lois Maat, Christiaan Mooij, Santino Slootweg.


The grant is named after André Veltkamp, director of the Theaterschool from 1997 to 2010. The André Veltkamp Beurs is intended for a graduation production from the Academy of Theatre and Dance that excels through involvement with today's society. Consideration is given to craftsmanship, individuality, drive and originality.
The André Veltkamp Grant is made possible in part by the Pisuisse Prize Fund.

The André Veltkamp Scholarship committee members are: Floortje Bakkeren, Inge Koks, Gemma van Kruijsbergen, Charlotte Lap, Frank Noorland, Flavia Pinheiro,Dorothea Sinnema.

The Aart Janszen Fund wants to facilitate young dancers and choreographers with financial contributions in the making process of new work. The Aart Janszen Fund arises from the accumulated capital of Stichting Beheer.

The Aart Janszen Fund, named after the driving force behind PapaverStudios, is committed to stimulating the development of new and innovative work. In the coming period, the scheme of the Aart Janszen Fund will be shaped in consultation with the ATD.

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oprichtingsbijeenkomst, foto: Jeroen de Beer

In financing their study many Academy of Theatre and Dance students have been hit hard by recent tuition fee restrictions. More often than in other disciplines, our students have already followed another bachelor or master study before embarking on a course in dance or theatre. For foreign students from outside the European Union a study is often too expensive.

Students at the Academy of Theatre and Dance are talented individuals, 200% committed to achieving their goals and completing their studies. The ATD’s Jan Kassies Fund was set up to help talented students gain their diplomas despite obstacles posed by new regulations or other exceptional circumstances. 

Jan Kassies

The Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize is awarde to the to the most remarkable young dancer of the study year. Henny Kamerman introduced jazz dance to the study programmes and was the opinionated artistic director of the Jazztheater- en Showmusicaldans study programme (the current UC/JMD study programme). The jury will reflect on her energy and contrariness in the dance world when awarding this prize.

Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize jury members: Honey Eavis, Dalton Jansen, Jimat Pelupessy, Wendy Tadrous-Paulusma.

Stichting Fondsen de Theaterschool has set up a Collection Fund in response to a special donation, the costumes of Ansje van Dijk. The special thing about the collection is that it is not approached by museums, but can be used and worn.

This fund certainly also offers opportunities for other collections. Do you have a collection that fits the objectives of the Academy of Theater and Dance and do you consider giving it to the school? Please contact Bart Kusters: or 0031 20 527 76 53.

Mrs. Hanny Veldkamp was a lecturer in the fifties and sixties of the last century - at the Amsterdam Theater School, among others. When she died, the Hanny Veldkamp Fund was established in 1968. It was filled with the legacy that had arisen from the proceeds of various speech therapy textbooks, of which Hanny Veldkamp was author or co-author.

The fund is open to all students of the Academy for Theater and Dance. More than 300 students from the various theater and dance academies received a Hanny Veldkamp Grant or Gift.

The Pisuisse Prize was created by will in 1976 by Mrs Sophie de Jong, calling herself Fie Carelse, the divorced wife of cabaret artist Jean Louis Pisuisse (1880-1927). 

The prize was awarded to the best student of the then Academy for Cabaret. Laureates included Simone Kleinsma in 1977, Karin Bloemen in 1983 and Acda and De Munnik in 1993.

Since the merger of the kleinkunst programme and the programme for actors in the Amsterdam School of Drama & Contemporary Music, the award has not been presented. The André Veltkamp Grant is made possible in part by the Pisuisse Prize Fund.

In 2010, the foundation acquired the Emma Morel Fund from the legacy of the daughter-in-law of the actress Emma Morel (1883-1957). Emma Morel graduated from the Toneelschool (theatre school) in 1901 and was a celebrated actress in the twenties of the previous century, successively the Royal Dutch Tooneel Society, the Rika Hopper Company and the Schouwtoneel of Herman Heijermans. Two films of her are known: Pygmalion (1937) and Father Langbeen (1938).

The funds are used to support the already existing price with the same goal, namely the Top Naeff Prize, which from 2012 has thus been subtitled 'made possible by the Emma Morel Fund'.


Donate now to the ATD Fund!

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