Do you have the urge to create, and to express your personal vision and artistry? At the Theatre Directing study programme you will learn how to use the medium of theatre to nurture and articulate your unique voice and interests. And you’ll work with your creative team to give true expression to the topics and themes that grip your imagination. Our motto is ’Anything goes, as long as it’s good’.

‘Anything, absolutely anything that you put on a stage gains meaning. Understand that meaning and connect it to your art, your goal.’
Steven Van Watermeulen, artistic director of the Theatre Directing study programme

Shape your artistic vision
In your heart you’re already a director – nobody can really make you one. You feel driven to create an outlet for your personal stories and convictions. Your art demands it of you.  What the Theatre Directing programme will do is reach right into your artistic core and challenge you to examine, question, nurture and express those things that grip your imagination, and to shape your artistic vision. You will share and stay true to that vision with your team of designers, technicians and actors in order to bring your ideas to life.

Thinking big
The objective of this four-year programme is to prepare you to think big, and it equips you with a matrix you can apply on any scale, be it through an opera, a musical, musical theatre, a choreography, an exhibition, a performance, a lecture or any other medium.

Programme details

Artistic direction Steven van Watermeulen
Study load 240 EC
Study length 4 years, full-time
Language of instruction Dutch
CROHO-code 34860 (B Theatre)
Title Bachelor of Arts (BA)