Which stories do you want to tell and to whom? Via theatre you can contribute to the narratives that shape our world. The Theatre Directing Study Programme teaches you to follow your fascinations and give them form with the help of others. What does theatre directing mean to you in these current times? What kind of theatre do you want to create?  

Theatre is thinking and feeling. How do you evolve from idea to performance? During your study you learn how to combine content and form in a creative process. In the course of four years you develop your own ‘directing language’: what you want to say and how to go about it.  Who and what do you need to make it happen? How do you work together on the basis of complementarity? How do you find words and images? You develop your imaginative powers and discover who you are as director.

The Theatre Directing Study Programme Amsterdam is a small school that is individually oriented. It provides room for personal development and mastering a craft. This is your route towards becoming a theatre maker who understands the profession, is conscious of the surrounding world and unafraid of seeking an own path therein.  



'De Tong van de Zee' (2022), regie Flora Kenza Nacer, foto Mattie van der Worm

'Eer onze Elektra' (2022), regie: Kaya Korabiowska-Dean, foto: Annaleen Louwes

'Alma Grande' Opera Forward Festival, regie: Stijn Dijkema

'Festival van de Melancholie', regie Stijn Dijkema, fotografie: Robert van der Ree

'Alma Grande' Opera Forward Festival, regie: Stijn Dijkema

'Aporia' Opera Forward Festival, regie en fotografie: Stijn Dijkema

'Alma Grande' Opera Forward Festival, regie: Stijn Dijkema

'Hamlet vs. Hamlet', regie: Stijn Dijkema, fotografie: Tim Hillege, 2019 bij ITA

Programme details

Artistic direction Berthe Spoelstra
Study load 240 EC
Study length 4 years, full-time
Language of instruction Dutch
CROHO-code 34860 (B Theatre)
Title Bachelor of Arts (BA)