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Theatre Direction meant for you?

  • Do you love theatre?
  • Does theatre play an important role in your future dreams, although you’re not an actor yourself?
  • Is Theatre Studies too theoretical for you, too far removed from theatre practice?
  • Do you want to conceive and make plays?

Then perhaps the Theatre Directing programme is meant for you.

'Drie Zussen', regie: Lara van Hoof

'Drie Zussen', regie: Lara van Hoof

'Dorst', regie: Lara van Hoof

'Dorst', regie: Lara van Hoof

'Vrienden Van', regie: Lara van Hoof, fotografie: Robert van der Ree

'Vrienden Van', regie: Lara van Hoof, fotografie: Robert van der Ree

'Hunker' (naar 'Crave' van Sarah Kane), regie: Lara van Hoof

'Hunker' (naar 'Crave' van Sarah Kane), regie: Lara van Hoof


Applications for the auditions must be submitted via an online application form (in Dutch). You will be requested to upload among other particulars, a passport photo (in .jpg, .gif or .png) and a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae (in Word or PDF).

The study programme is also open to foreign students if they have a good command of English and are prepared to learn Dutch as quickly as possible.

You can register for this study course from November 25, 2021 to March 13, 2022.

Application deadline for the academic year 2021-2022 is possible from November 15, 2021 to March 13, 2022.

The content and dates of the selection rounds are not yet known. Please keep an eye on this website.

The admission procedure for Theatre Direction consists of three parts. After each part, the committee decides whether participation in the next round is possible. The Theatre Direction study course  accepts a maximum of five students each year.

The selection days in 2022 are on:

Round 1: 19 en 20 April
Round 2: 19 en 20 May

Round 3: 8 June

Read more below

You can find more information about the admission and selection procedures in the description of all study programmes offered by the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Overview of all study programmes.

Marieke Plantinga
Phone: +31 (0)20 527 7683

Audition: three components

The admission procedure for the theatre directing study programme consists of three components. After completing one round, the selection committee decides if the applicant can go through to the next.

We would like to receive 3 documents:
1)    outline yourself in 1 written sentence.
2)    describe your life course, your world view, your motivation, your goal in the profession, what you still want to learn, your strengths and weaknesses. (no more than 2MB)
3)    Think about a piece: a) Find a major pain in your life – for which piece could this pain be a source? Which two films/artworks could be sources for this piece? Describe the directing of your dreams on the basis of this material! b) take a great joy out of your life – which piece connects to this joy for you? Which two films/artworks could be sources for this piece? Recreate the control of your dreams. And can you lift a corner of the veil for us in written form about how these pieces are shaped by your direction? This document should also be no more than 2MB.
You will hear in the week of April 4 whether you will be invited for the first round.

Round 1: 19 en 20 April

During the first round you get started right away. On the first day you will be told the assignment in the morning. It is in any case about 10 minutes of stage that you will show on day 2. You can use the entire first day to prepare this scene. Meanwhile, everyone is called one by one for a conversation of about 15 minutes with the audition committee. The day will last until 6:00 PM at the latest.
On the second day, you show the committee what you have prepared on day 1: your 10-minute stage! You can no longer prepare or rehearse at school on this day. You will be told in advance what time you are expected.

Round 2: 19 and 20 May

Once you've progressed to the next round, you'll work on a scene from Schiller's Maria Stuart. You have about 25 minutes to do this. The committee monitors the rehearsal and, if necessary, discusses your working method and how you could approach it. We provide actors who know the text. In addition to this public rehearsal, you will have a 1-on-1 meeting about musicality, your sense of rhythm and melody with speech teacher Edwin van Gelder.

Round 3: 8 June

For the final round of the directorial auditions, you will work on a scene of your choice and with actors you choose yourself and bring to your audition. You will have approximately 25 minutes to do this. Please note: this is not a ready-made scene or performance! It is precisely the intention that the committee again attends a 'public rehearsal'. We'd love to see how you direct. Show what your theatre, your fascination, vision and style are! What is your way of working?
You will also have a 1-on-1 conversation with Marieke Plantinga, training coordinator and internal coach.