The Dance in Education study programme trains students to become dance professionals, capable of directing dance projects in a culturally diverse urban work environment and provide dance education (Bachelor of Education). The study programme is a contemporary, internationally oriented art teacher study programme which focuses on the artistic development of its students.

Our alumni work in primary and secondary education and the extramural field with dance devotees. They are pioneers and bridge builders. Thanks to their flexible and open mentality they can adapt to the ongoing developments in the world of dance.


The study programme boasts a culturally diverse student and teacher population. This results in a stimulating learning environment in which fusion and interlinking of dance styles is self-evident. The vision and departure points of the study programme are transcultural. Identity and culture originate through exchange and interaction between students and others. Students explore a diverse palette of western and non-western dance forms and dance traditions. Contemporary choreographers and dance teachers are a source of inspiration for the development of trans-cultural artistic dance practices. The study programme maintains a structural partnership with the modern choreographic centre Ecole des Sables in Senegal.

The artistic work field

The study programme has good connections with the artistic work field, culture profile schools, talent development courses, MBO dance education and the international community dance work field. Students investigate how contemporary dance artists work. It proves challenging to connect contemporary artistic practice with primary and secondary education. Which elements of these artistic practices can best be utilized for educational goals? To this end we collaborate structurally with the educational services of dance theatre group Don’t Hit Mama and the city dance ensemble ICK Amsterdam. During the current academic year, fourth year students will also work with Cordaan/Introdans, Stichting PRA, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Ro Theater and the Toneelmakerij

Strong focus on experiential learning

The programme is strongly oriented towards practical learning. You, your fellow students and amateur dancers will work together in order to organise, make and perform your own projects (community practice) and productions (artistic practice). One of the above named is the production we stage each year in our dance theatre. You’ll do teaching internships from your very first year of study, so you can practice your teaching skills. And you’ll work with a diverse range of youth groups, helping them to broaden their skills as performers.
A transcultural approach is key to our course. How do you keep yourself open to working with others as a professional dancer? How do you bridge cultures and facilitate the cross-fertilisation of ideas? It’s to address challenges like these that our course is structurally linked with L'Ecole des Sables in Senegal.

Artistic direction Damar Lamers
Study load 240 EC
Study length 4 years, full-time
Language of instruction Dutch
CROHO-code 34940 (B Dance in Education)
Title Bachelor of Education (BEd)