Selection and Admission

The entry requirements in arts education vary from one institute to another and often even from one department to another. To be admitted to a bachelor's course at the Academy of Theatre and Dance you must at any rate be in possession of a diploma of pre-university education (VWO), higher general secondary education (HAVO), intermediate vocational education (MBO), or an equivalent or higher diploma. For admission to a postgraduate or master's course you must at any rate be in possession of a relevant bachelor's degree.

Whoever wants to embark on a training course for a career in the arts must have the capacities to be able to work in that profession later on. High demands are made on talent, skills, discipline, motivation, and physical capacities. A preliminary training is required for a number of courses in the performing arts. There are also courses that offer orientation courses.

You can find more information about the admission and selection procedures of the courses offered by the Academy of Theatre and Dance in the description of the study programmes.

The language of the Theatre Department is Dutch. In order to function up to the mark in the lessons, foreign students are required to learn, speak, write and read Dutch during their first year of study. At the Dance Department speaking Dutch is not required, except for the Dance in Education programme.

It is only after being admitted to the programme that you can register as a student of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). You can do this on-line, making use of Studielink, the portal for enrolment in higher education in the Netherlands. Studielink allows you to arrange your application for (re-)enrolment, cancellation or change of address at a single location on-line. With your Proof of Admittance you will receive further information on how to use Studielink. With questions regarding Studielink you can contact the Central Student Administration of the AHK.

After all your personal data and preparatory education have been verified and accepted, you must also register at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. You need to sign a registration form that will be sent to you before June. You complete the registration procedure by paying your tuition fee in time. At the start of the academic year you will receive your student card.

Finding your way in a big city like Amsterdam can be challenging. For students coming to the Netherlands from outside the EU, we’ve made a flowchart (PDF) with a step by step plan to make it all a bit easier for you.

It can  help you with all sorts of practical things such as filling in forms, registering yourself in the municipality and  using public transport!