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Who are pre-eminently the designers in the world that are still truly free to decide everything about a space? Who are the only people that get to create entirely new worlds – for shows of all kinds, for exhibitions and events – using scenery, images, sound, lighting and costumes, working in collaboration with other artists? That would be the scenographer, and the Scenography programme is the course that prepares you for this challenging job.

What will you learn?
The Scenography programme will give you all you need to become an interdisciplinary artist with a visual language all your own. As a scenographer you will operate at the intersection of art and theatre, visualising and shaping theatrical reality. You will realise your creative ideas by working in collaboration with artists from other disciplines, including the directors, actors, musicians, composers, writers, video artists, digital designers and curators.

Career perspectives
Our graduates work as designers of theatrical space in the broadest sense. They design sets, costumes, theatrical installations, as well as spaces for exhibitions and events.

In July 2021 Alex van den Akker, Paul Boereboom, Noa Helder and Katharina Wegman graduated as scenographers. Visit their website to get to know their work and process as young makers.

Please pay attention
The language of the Theatre Department is Dutch. In order to function up to the mark in the lessons, foreign students are required to speak, write and read Dutch. For more information about application we refer to the Dutch website.

foto's: Robert van der Ree

‘Theatre is a promarily visual art in which set designers build a bridge between what can be said and what must be shown.’
Bart Visser, artistic director Scenography

Programme details

Artistic directionBart Visser
Study load240 EC
Study length4 years, full-time
Language of instructionDutch
CROHO-code34860 (B Theatre)
TitleBachelor of Arts (BA)

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