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DAS Research is the lectorate of the Academy of Theatre and Dance. The research department is based at DAS Graduate School but is open to and represents the whole ATD. It includes research groups in Embodied Knowledge and Creative Producing, as well as the THIRD programme, which supports the development of artistic research in the 3rd cycle. 

The Head of DAS Research is the Lector, Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca who joined the ATD in September 2020. She works alongside a core team of staff in the research department.

We work with an inclusive concept of research that values research in a wide variety of forms: foregrounding artistic research, practice research and research in education alongside scholarship. We aim to actively work against hierarchies of knowledge and to create space for ways of knowing that have been historically excluded. 

We aim to support the development of research throughout the ATD: across Bachelors, Masters, PhD and postdoctoral levels. DAS Research welcomes engagement from all staff, students, tutors/coaches at the ATD, with any level of experience of research: from those who are just beginning to explore themselves as researchers to established researchers. 

Artistic research in the 3rd cycle (THIRD)

THIRD is an unique facilitating model designed as a three-­year trajectory for small­-scale learning cohorts of seven fellows each year. THIRD prepares theatre and dance artists for 3rd cycle research opportunities through the processes of refining their individual artistic research proposals, sharpening their national and/or international aspirations, and defining their affiliation as well as funding possibilities. The cohort environment generates collective experiment and reflection on the potential of artistic research.

Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance

This research domain is aligned to the critical study about the past and the attention to maintain and disclose relevant case studies. In these case studies the focus is on the thinking and the exceptional practices of embodied knowledge which is characteristic for the transitional and performative arts.

It is crucial that greater attention is given to the documentation and archival of historical and contemporary performative practices, and that spaces are created for reflection on the embodied knowledge that underlie these practices. These activities are the primary focus of the new cross-disciplinary research group. 

One of the corner stones of the BKTD research group is a conviction that theatre and dance education stand to benefit from the development of supplementary alternative narratives. By prioritising the embodied, practice-based knowledge that characterises the transitory arts of theatre and dance the BKTD research group strives to contribute to the renewal, diversification and enrichment of existing theatre-historical and dance-historical narratives.

Creative Producing

Within this domain alternative models for organisation and production that prioritise alignment of artistic processes,  social relevance, and economic and organisational practice are being researched. To offer the producer new perspectives, so that he/she has the tools to increase financial and social support, and to increase the resilience of the sector for the future.

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DAS Research x ARIAS Network

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