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Looking for an exciting international career as a dance performer? Then join our innovative, Expanded Contemporary Dance programme. Develop your unique talent in this highly diverse programme exploring social, urban and non-western dances and their relation to European and American theatre dance traditions. We challenge you to contribute to shaping the future of dance!

Moving between worlds, training the imagination

The professional dance and performance work fields are changing rapidly. Established repertory companies are either evolving or disappearing, and new companies and temporary projects are on the rise that draw their influences from different styles, art forms and cultural ‘worlds’.

Develop your unique talent

Our innovative, varied and dynamic programme will prepare you for a life-long career in dance. Together, we will explore the future of dance and question what is ‘contemporary’. We will train you to become a high-level dance performer and co-creating artist with great physical awareness, imaginative abilities, critical capacities, precision and adaptability.

Programme details

Artistic directionBojana Bauer
Study load240 EC
Study length4 years
CROHO-code34798 (B Dance)
TitleBachelor of Arts (BA)

Have any questions about the programme? Send us an email