Open day Saturday 25 January 2020

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What does the programme offer you?

  • You will practice a diverse range of dance genres, from floor work to West-African dances, and from contemporary ballet to partnering and urban dance styles.
  • You will connect this multi-genre practice through body studies and the practice of movement analysis. As a mover you will become highly physically aware and begin to understand not only what you do, but also how and why you do it. It’s not about simply executing the steps, it’s about training your understanding of the underlying principles of movement and finding out how to adapt them to your own body.
  • You will learn about the history, aesthetic and cultural meaning of various dance genres.
  • You will explore the latest developments in contemporary dance, its forms, methods and dramaturgical thinking, both in the theatre and in the public space.
  • You will perform often and in a variety of contexts.
  • You will learn from your peers in both individual and group dance and research projects.
  • You will be guided by an exceptional team of teachers and mentors who are practicing professionals in the Netherlands and internationally.
  • You will work with inspiring, challenging and relevant artists from diverse cultural contexts.
  • Your will craft your own unique path. You will be invited to think and act as an artist with your own voice: How can you help create new possibilities to envision the world? What do you want to put out there to keep dance evolving?

Your development is our starting point

The programme challenges you to develop your own unique talent to a professional level. Our starting point is your development into a creative, distinctive, high-level performer.

The study programme

You will follow classes in:

  • Contemporary dance: a diverse range of dance and movement classes
  • Body and movement studies: somatic techniques, movement analysis, experiential anatomy, yoga and mindfulness
  • Theatre and performance: physical theatre, voice and singing, speech and acting and improvisation
  • Creation: composition, improvisation, repertoire, new choreographic works, interdisciplinary and intercultural works, and self-created work
  • Theory: dance history, performance analysis, critical and cultural studies, music analysis, anatomy, dance and health, performing arts economy and entrepreneurship
  • Research: you will work on your own research projects and productions.

You will gain plenty of stage experience by taking part in different kinds of performances in open studios, in the school theatre, in professional venues or in site-specific work.

In the third year you will choose what skills, dances and aspects of performance you want to further develop. You will be able to select from a range of workshops by diverse, challenging and inspiring guest choreographers, artists and theorists. You will participate and perform in three works: one by a guest choreographer, one by an interdisciplinary artist, and one created by you.

For most of the fourth year you will participate in an internship either at a national or international dance company or in a freelance project. You will also take part in the creation and organization of your own graduation show. For part of your fourth year you may choose to conduct your internship abroad.


Open day Saturday 25 January 2020

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