Diverse programme

Diversity is the key word of the 5 O’Clock Class. That is evident from our programme of classes, in which urban dance styles, modern dance, jazz and classical ballet all play an important role, but where there is also space for tap and show dancing, African dance and classes in singing and drama. And if you look at our teaching team and our students, this diversity is immediately noticeable. They come from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds and are trained in very different dance techniques. However, they are all united in their enormous love of dance and – as far as the teachers are concerned – their wish to pass on their knowledge and experience to younger generations of dancers.

Challenging environment

The 5 O’Clock Class provides a safe learning environment, where you are challenged to discover the best in yourself. Experimenting and making ‘mistakes’ are part of this. You come to the 5 O’Clock Class to learn and to enjoy dancing, so we don’t expect you to be a top performer already when you enrol with us. What’s important to us is that you have the potential to become a good professional dancer. Teamwork, discipline, a good working attitude and an open mind are all important features of our training, but our main aim is to give you self-confidence and stimulate your creativity – as a dancer and as a person.