Facilities in the heart of Amsterdam

The Academy of Theater and Dance (ATD) is located in the heart of Amsterdam's dynamic center. The bachelor programs of the Academy for Theater and Dance are all housed in the building at Jodenbreestraat 3 in Amsterdam. The Academy's research and master's education, bundled in the DAS Graduate School, is located in Grootlab, Overhoeksplein 2 in Amsterdam-Noord.

The building at Jodenbreestraat 3 is also inhabited by the Service Bureau and the Executive Board of the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

The collection of our Library includes 15,500 play scripts, 15,000 books, 1,700 sheet music titles, 65 magazine subscriptions and 7,500 dvd's and videos.

Jodenbreestraat 3, Amsterdam (visiting address)
Postbus 15323
1001 MH Amsterdam (postal address)

Telephone: 020-527 7630
E-mai : atd-bibliotheek@ahk.nl

Marina Moolhuijzen
Lene Gravesen
Lexis de Kiviet

Opening Hours
Monday: 12.00 - 18.00 hrs
Tuesday: 10.00 - 18.00 hrs
Wednesday: 10.00 - 18.00 hrs
Thursday: 10.00 - 18.00 hrs
Friday: 10.00 - 17.00 hrs

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The Academy of Theatre and Dance has a student counsellor who assists students by word and deed.

He can be consulted on questions such as duration of study, merit grants and the many complications which go hand in hand with study financing. But of course problems can also be discussed confidentially with the student counsellor, who has an independent position within the Academy of Theatre and Dance.

The student counsellor is also available for candidate students. Contact through: timon.hagen@ahk.nl

Internationalisation is woven into the fabric of the Academy of Theatre and Dance. All of our study programmes boast a wealth of international connections and contacts, and our student body and teaching staff are just as international.

What’s more, our students often do their internship abroad and/or take part in international initiatives.

The ATD has just launched the ATD International Desk to give students and teachers information and guidance/coaching about international exchange programmes, internships and opportunities for grants.
The internationalisation coordinators at the ATD are María Inés Villasmil for the dance courses and Tom Willems for the theatre courses. As well as providing students and teachers with information and guidance/coaching, they will shortly begin to work on realising the international ambitions of the Academy of Theatre and Dance.

Download the general information ATD International Desk (PDF)
If you’d like to know more, please contact: atd-internationaldesk@ahk.nl

Concern for health and welfare is a crucial investment when it comes to improving the quality and extent of a professional podium career.

Students at the Academy of Theatre and Dance endure a high degree of physical and mental stress. It is essential therefore, that a student learns to adopt a responsible way of working. Moreover, the study programme and the future employer are co-responsible for a healthy environment, conducive to study and work.

Since the start of the 1990s, the Dance department of the Academy of Theatre and Dance has steadily developed a unique Health & Performance Programme.
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As a student you can get in touch with the confidential advisers at the AHK.

You can choose which confidential adviser you would like to approach. If you would rather discuss the situation with someone who isn’t affiliated with the AHK, you can get in touch with the confidential adviser employed by HumanCapitalCare, the AHK’s occupational health and safety organisation.
See also Confidential advisers at the AHK 

At our IDlab (Interdisciplinary Digital Lab) you’ll be introduced to the latest digital equipment, so you can work with tools such as 360-degree video and virtual and augmented reality.

You’ll have plenty of freedom to experiment with new techniques and explore the possibilities they hold for you. The IDlab also houses the audiovisual department (formerly called: Beeldmedia)  of the Academy of Theatre and Dance. Its facilities consist of

  • a recording studio with control room,
  • 4 video editing sets,
  • a studio for videos copying movie files from performances and discs.

The department is manned by two staff members, Paul van der Ploeg (head of department) and Ward ten Voorde.

Their main activity consists of organizing various video workshops and courses in collaboration with the different study programmes. They advise teachers and students about production of video content and how to use video equipment during performances. The department also offers students the use of video recording and editing equipment. In addition, various study programmes commission the department to make performance registrations.

In het IDlab (Interdisciplinary Digital Lab) maak je kennis met de nieuwste digitale ontwikkelingen, zoals 360-gradenvideo en virtual en augmented reality. Je krijgt de ruimte om te experimenteren met nieuwe technieken en te onderzoeken wat ze voor jou betekenen.

Het IDLab huisvest ook de audiovisuele afdeling van de Academie voor Theater en Dans en bevindt zich op de vijfde etage (voorheen Beeldmedia). De afdeling bestaat uit:

  • een opnamestudio met regieruimte,
  • vier video-montagesets, 
  • een kopieerruimte om videobanden, bestanden van voorstellingsregistraties en discs te kopiëren.

De afdeling heeft twee medewerkers: Paul van der Ploeg (afdelingshoofd) en Ward ten Voorde.

De hoofdactiviteit van de audiovisuele afdeling is het verzorgen van diverse videoworkshops en cursussen in samenwerking met de opleidingen. Daarnaast verleent het team advies aan docenten en studenten over het produceren van video-content en het gebruik van video-apparatuur in voorstellingen. Ook is het mogelijk om video-opname- en montage-apparatuur te gebruiken.Verder worden er voorstellingsregistraties gemaakt in opdracht van diverse opleidingen.