Exchange programmes Theatre

The official language for most study programmes of the theatre faculty (School for Drama & Contemporary Music Theatre, Theatre Director, Theatre Teacher, Scenography, Technical Theatre Arts, Production and Stage Management) is Dutch. To gain admission to these study programmes as exchange student, it is important that the applicant can understand and speak the Dutch language to a certain degree. The only exception to this rule is the Mime study programme where English is also spoken.

Duration of exchange
The duration of the exchange period is determined in consultation with the artistic director. It depends on the year of intake and choice of subjects.

Admission procedures
Each study programme has its own policy regarding the acceptance of exchange students. The admission procedure is strict. Applicants must audition in most cases. Sometimes a first selection takes place on the basis of submitted video material. Annually, only a single exchange student is admitted per study programme.   

Exchange students are free to contact one of the study programmes. There are no deadlines for admission. The contact person for internationalization will bring the student into contact with the artistic director or his/her assistant. It is advisable for aspirant students to get in touch with the study programme of their choice during the months May or June in preparation for the new academic year that starts in September.


'I believe that coming half way around the world to study reinforced my passion for dance. I was inspired, terrified, confused and successful every single day that I was there.'
Allison Kimmel, exchange student at de Theaterschool

'Being at the Alvin Ailey School has thought me a lot. I’ve become more mature 'dancer than I was before. I learned that as a dancer you’ll have to be on point every single day and every single class to better yourself.'
Clement Mensah, exchange student at Alvin Ailey School