Student Life: for students by students

Since 2019, the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) has received a quality fund, just like other higher educational institutions, to invest in the quality of the education. The quality fund has become available as a result of the abolition of the basic student grant and the way in which it is spent has now been laid down in the Quality agreements. Here you can see where the Quality agreements budget is allocated. The Academy board and Educational council approved the plans, one of which is to set up of a Student Life Office which will be staffed by students.

The primary function of Student Life is to facilitate and provide information to students. It is act as an in-house employment agency, so students find and carry out paid work (on a one-off or longer-term basis) within the ATD and outside it.

The Student Life programme is based on four interconnected pillars:

  • care advisory team
  • language courses
  • alumni
  • student jobs

Want to know more?
Students and employees at the Academy of Theatre and Dance can find more information about Student Life on: