Ready to start your studies in Amsterdam – General information

And now you are ready to start your studies!

Important issues concerning your student life

If you want a job, you need a bank account and a BSN.

Non-EU students also need a work permit (it is the responsibility of your employer to arrange this). They are allowed to work either a maximum of 16 hours per week throughout the year (June, July and August included) or full-time in June, July and August only.

Student job agencies:
If you are planning to work as a self-employed person / freelancer (zzp-er), you must first register at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce.

Finding paid work

Student Life
The Student Life - Job Agency is an employment agency for students.
On our Intranet MyAHK (only works with a student login, you will receive your login on 1 September, when you are accepted as a student) you can find a paid job within the Academy or outside.

Go to:

  • Tuition fee loan for EU students aged under 30
  • Lifelong-learning credit (Levenlanglerenkrediet) tuition fee loan for students aged 30 to 55
  • Study loan, supplementary grant (depending on parent’s income) and travel card:
    Conditions: average 56 hours paid employment each month and you must be under 30 at the time of application.


Please be aware that the AHK provides external confidential counsellors (vertrouwenspersonen) who are there to help you if you experience any form of harassment or aggressive behaviour, whether from staff, fellow students, or anyone at the AHK .


The AHK requires staff members and students to treat each other and the AHK as an organisation with all due care and respect.
Go to the Public Safety page for more information.

Emergency services

Police NON-Emergency (e.g. in case of stolen wallet or a break-in)
0900 1844

General practitioner NON-emergency    
W. van Kernebeek Reguliersgracht 78-C, 1017 LV Amsterdam +31 (0)20 3449247

Are you looking for a doctor, but have not found one in Amsterdam, then you can always go to Huisartsenpraktijk Oude Turfmarkt.
The website of the general practice gives you more information. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.


Locker in ATD building
Pick up a key from reception on the ground floor

Student Card
Central Student Administration (CSa), Jodenbreestraat 3, first floor

AHK email and AHK accounnt or +31 (0)20 527 7752 (from 1 August)

Student counsellor ATD

Student counsellor DAS Graduate School

Budget coaching
Puur Zuid - Jongeren en Geld
Smaragdplein 3-5, 1074 HA Amsterdam

Contactperson: Anne Verwaal - contact via student councellor Timon Hagen. If you have financial problems during your studies, please contact the student councellor immediately. Don't wait until it's too late. Financial problems do not disappear by themselves

Information on introduction week
An email will be sent to your AHK mail account

Travel discount foreign students

Bike Rental


Student associations


Affordable supermarkets
Aldi, Lidl, Jumbo, Dirk

We Are Public / Theatre discount card

Life coach Marieke Plantinga

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