DAS Research has the task to contribute to the strengthening of research in education. In particular through the evaluation of theoretical education in the Bachelor's degree programs, the stimulation of the coherence between research in Bachelor's and Master's degrees and the further development of the Master's degree programs.

Prior to the start of the programme, DAS Research organises a first module, which will run from November 2016 through February 2017 and is open to candidates from all arts disciplines.

The Producing the Future module will be developed and run by DJ, programmer and curator Juha van ’t Zelfde. Van ’t Zelfde, artistic director of the Lighthouse Brighton production company, will apply his own working methods within the framework of the module and, working with participants, test these methods against current practice.

With the aid of theory, lectures, case studies, peer learning and individual coaching, Van ’t Zelfde will approach the subject from an economic perspective to examine the effect of developments in society on the function of the creative producer.

Read the full description of the module or download the CALL

The second test module will started in September 2017. Anne Breure, artistic director of Veem Huis for Performance, curated the first block of the 'Context' test module in autumn 2017).

The "context" module examines the context in which the producer places the work of artists. The first block of the module focuses on art and politics. Various lectures are organised with themes such as art, diversity, social and cultural anthropology, art and sociology and law.

Creative Producing symposia

The Academy for Theatre and Dance is working for years on a research on producing in performing arts and developing a Masters programme. Different symposia on Creative Producing has been organised.