After your study

The course of scenography touches on various disciplines such as: film, visual arts, audiovisual installations, spatial design, architecture, theater and fashion. This means that the professional practice for a graduated scenographer also has several possibilities, you can work in different fields. Although our Scenography study is embedded in the Academy of Theater and Dance - and you also emphatically practice the profession during the study in the context of theater and dance performances - you can ultimately profile yourself as a scenographer both within and outside the performing arts: from exhibition designs to opera design, from theatrical installations and spatial designs for festivals to autonomous work, from performative work to costumes. In their current professional practice, the alumni are a good sample of all these possibilities.

In the last two years of the study, you already start to orientate yourself with your work perspective after graduation with the course 'Artistic Entrepreneurship'. You learn about legal and business aspects that are important to you as a professional in the cultural sector and you work out a business plan in which you describe for yourself in which part of the field you want to become active and which concrete steps you will take in the future. first two years after graduation.