Scenography in pictures

Designers from our programme work as designers of theatrical space in the broadest sense of the word. They design stage sets, costumes, theatrical installations, exhibitions or events. Below you will find several films/impressions of work that has been created in recent years in projects within the Scenography programme. Curious about the experiences of students of Scenography? At the bottom of this page you find interviews with some of our students.


First year of study

A compilation of projects by first-year students, partly made in corona time

Second year of study

  • Performative costume design Victory over the sun, collaboration with Mime Opleiding, work by Lisanne Bovée
  • Spatial lighting installations React-Relight, in collaboration with the Academy of Architecture
  • Costume block Triadic Games - collaboration with the Conservatory of Amsterdam, Modern Theatre Dance, Design & Technology, Production Performing Arts programme

Third year of study

  • Immersive Media Good luck and Godspeed, collaboration with Creative Performance Lab and IDlab

Fourth year of study

  • In July 2021, Alex van den Akker, Paul Boereboom, Noa Helder and Katharina Wegman graduated as scenographers.

Visit their website and get to know their work and process as young makers.

    Costume design and photo shoot in the first year of study

    The first and second years consist of several design blocks. Designs for the space (set), the body (costume) and interaction (video) are dealt with. The first costume block in the study programme is taught by costume designer Carly Eveaert. The assignment for this course is: "Design a costume by letting your hands design it. Let yourself be led by the material and find the form that suits the material." The costumes are examined for their function and meaning by photographing them in 3 different locations. Together, the students choose three catchy locations for the photo shoot, where they work closely with a professional photographer.

    Bauprobe second year

    Project second year students, December 2021

    Even in corona time, decors are designed, built and lit! Second year students of the scenography study course are designing a set for a performance that Theun Mosk (one of the top scenographers in the Netherlands) is working on with Anouk van Dijk (well-known Dutch choreographer wich has her own dance group in Australia). Working title: From Bach to Björk. In the hall of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, work will be done for a week to build and test the designs. Technicians are present at the academy who support the students to get the best result. With light, sound and hoisting techniques, the students' designs are examined 1:1 in the hall of the academy.


    Now not now and now

    Graduation show | live stream from the NDSM theatre


    Now, not now and now was the graduation performance by Scenography student Paul Boereboom, in collaboration with Pim Veulings (Direction) and others. The performance took place online, in a livestream from the NDSM theatre. As an audience you are part of an exclusive theatre performance. The space with glass objects, grids, depths, projections and performers flows together as a whole. The camera takes the viewer on a journey full of encounters and discoveries. There is no narrative, but questions are examined such as: to what extent does the space outside my physical body determine my path? Is there an outside at all and where is the 'border'? How does the first question fit in?

    Review: Volkskrant en Theaterkrant


    Watch below:

    • Compilation of four years of study, work of Kevin Pieterse
    • Compilation of four years of study, works of Noor Stenfert Kroese
    • Compilation of four years of study, work of Sabine Okrouhlík, 
    • Registration of the graduation project Vrienden van, by Sabine Okrouhlík (Scenography) and Lara van Hoof (Directing)
    • Registration of the graduation project Connectome, by Noor Stenfert Kroese

    A word from scenography students

    • Interview with Noa Helder, 4th year
    • Interview with Lisanne Bovée and Kevin Pieterse, 4th year
    • Interview with Noor Stenfert Kroese and Emma Boot (OPP), 4th year