The day-to-day management of the Scenography program consists of:

Bart Visser, artistic director – design, study progress supervision
Moniek Slaman, staff teacher – project management, study progress supervision
Mijke van der Linden – educational supporter

Subject teachers
In addition to their teaching positions, our subject teachers are almost all active as professionals in the field. They have two feet in practice and enjoy training and getting to know a new generation of makers. Together with the board of studies, they keep the study in constant motion, in order to allow the curriculum to grow in line with current social and professional developments. In doing so, we constantly ask ourselves: what is the broadest scope of scenography and what is the theater of the future? Associated with the study are:

Baukje Trenning, design, biobased designing
Arien de Vries, design, conceptualisation
Carly Everaert, design, costume, conceptualisation
Elian Smits, design, theatrical installation, internship coaching
Gertjan Biasino, design, video interaction
Machiel Spaan, design
Arlon Luijten, design  
Jan van den Berg, design, interdisciplinary cocreating, performance art and science
Pau(la) Chavez, design
Marc Warning, design, conceptualisation
Roos Matla, design
Simomo Boujarra, design
Theun Mosk, design
Tatyana van Walsum, design, opera
Vinny Jones, design, light
Willem Weemhoff, design, intermedial 
Wouter Klein Velderman, design, socratic dialogue
Ludmila Rodrigues, design

Cecile Brommer, dramaturgy, interdisciplinary
Eva IJsveld, costume history
Hellan Godee, philosophy, essay writing
Jan Derk van den Berg, art and cultural history
Joke van Pelt, scenographic history
Judith Wendel, dramaturgy, play analysis
Martine Manten, dramaturgy

Alexandra van den Akker, digital techniques
Arjen Baars, drawing, painting
Audrey Helwes, artistic entrepreneurship
Daan Westendorp, set studio instruction
Ellen den Bouwmeester, costume workshop instruction
Geert Oddens, theatre technology
Gemma van Kruijsbergen, technical production
Harm Lubbers, theatre technology
Jojanneke Poorter, theatre technique
Joyce Woudenberg, intervision
Judith van de Pas, decor workshop instruction
Judith Prins, professional job orientation
Kiki Heslenfeld, theatre technology
Lisanne Hakkers, digital techniques
Django Walon, scale modeling, design techniques
Nadège Chaumont, moving, yoga
Ramon Huijbregts, digital techniques
Stef Krull, pattern drawing
Paulina Prokop, light