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The language of this study course is in Dutch.

To be admitted to the Scenography study programme you need an active imagination, an affinity with theatre and an avid interest in art. During the selection, your aptitude for developing a personal theatrical imagery will be assessed. Adequate artistic and communicative skills are also a must. A havo-, vwo- or mbo-diploma, level 4 are required to be admitted to the Scenography study programme.

Selection procedure

Approximately six students are admitted to the Scenography study programme annually.

To apply, fill out the scenography application form.

To participate in the selection procedure, apply online by filling in the application form. To get to know you a little better, we ask that you submit for this round:

  • A motivation letter (in .doc or .pdf, maximum 1 A4) in which you explain why you think this training suits you. See assignment.
  • A portfolio in which you show an interesting selection of your own work. See assignment.
  • An image assignment in which you show and describe a (photo) image that once made an impression on you. See assignment.
  • A digital passport photo, preferably in color (note: it must be a .jpg, .gif or .png file)
  • A gradebook: your most recent grade list or final list

The selection interviews will take place in April and May, so register as soon as possible. The latest application deadline is Monday, May 2, 2022.

Based on the information submitted by the candidates, it will be decided which candidates will be invited to the second round. If you have been selected, you will receive an invitation by email with a number of home assignments in preparation for the interview.


The second round consists of an interview with the application committee. In this way, the training gets to know you and you better. The conversation will be about your motivation, your experience, your work already done and your homework assignments. Once all selection interviews have taken place, a final decision will be made on who will be admitted to the programme. You will be notified about this by the beginning of June at the latest.


Only when you have been definitively admitted to the program do you register as a student at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. You do this with your proof of admission via Studielink. To do this, go to the Application and registration page.

With your proof of admission you will receive all the necessary information.

Costs for the Scenography programme

For the Scenography programme the regular statutory tuition fees apply. For the most recent amounts see the overview of tuition fees, see: Tuition fees Amsterdam University of the Arts. In addition to the tuition fees, a learning materials contribution of € 145 per year is required. This is used to pay for software licences and printing costs for scripts and readers, for example.

  • Materials
    For the study you need some tools and specific clothing. You will receive a list of these. You will need to spend around € 200 for this. In addition, you will need to provide your own materials for the models you will make for your design subjects and model making lessons. The costs for these vary and are at your own discretion. For each design subject, you will receive an amount from the study for the realisation of your design. There is no obligatory literature, other than the prints you receive from the study programme.
  • Laptop
    We advise you to have your own laptop for the duration of your studies, which you can use for a variety of subjects and which is powerful enough to run software such as Cinema4D, Vectorworks, Isadora and Adobe Creative Cloud. Costs for this vary, according to your own choice. If this is not financially feasible, there are also computers at school for you to use.
  • Visiting performances

You are expected to visit performances and museums on a regular basis. On average once every fortnight. It is often possible to make use of your ATD student card, which gives you a discount. For performances over 20 euros, which you are obliged to attend for a course, the programme pays the costs over the € 20.

  • Study trips abroad
    Every year, the scenography classes go on a study trip, if possible. The study programme pays half and you as a student pay half. The costs vary annually, depending on the destination and activities. An indication of the costs:
    • Year 1: € 75 - € 100
    • Year 2: € 200 - € 300
    • Year 3: € 200 - € 300
    • Year 4: € 300 - € 600

If money is an objection to something, please contact the study staff to explore the possibilities together.

For further information about the application and the selection procedure, please contact Simone van de Watering +31 (0)20 5277875