‘A young man who does not fight and conquer has missed the best part of his youth, and an old man who does not know how to listen to the secret of the brooks, as they tumble down from the peaks to the valleys, makes no sense: he is a spiritual mummy who is nothing but a rigid relic of the past.’
C.G. Jung (1967)

Professional theatre world

Our graduate directors work in the professional theatre world, in large and established repertory companies and in smaller start-ups – in genres such as movement theatre, musical theatre, and theatre for children and young people. The possibilities are endless, so exactly where you choose to go will depend on your area of specialisation. Well-known graduates from the study programme include Marcus Azzini, Jetse Batelaan, Julie van den Berghe, Lotte van den Berg, Maren Bjørseth, Thibaud Delpeut, Olivier Diepenhorst, Susanne Kennedy, Sarah Moeremans, Tallulah Schwab and Nina Spijkers.