Student projects

Lizzy & De Bacchanten

Graduation performance  'Lizzy & De Bacchanten': two pieces about revolutions, performed back to back. First as a farce, then as a tragedy. One revolution is a constructive, peaceful, hopeful revolution. The other is a destructive act of revenge that ends in murder.

Director: Zephyr Brüggen

The Queen

Graduation performance 'The Queen'.  An ironically paraphrase of Phaedra’s story. After a play by Sarah Kane.

Director: Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos

Own Creative Work

Own creative work is central to the course: during the study, the students regularly show their acquired skills. Each presentation is a new exercise in which both the process and the result are important.

Their own work is always supervised by experienced directors and performed by students of the Amsterdam Toneelschool & Kleinkunstacademie or professional actors. This is also where the direct link with professional practice takes place: the projects and workshops are given by guest teachers who themselves work in the theater field.