Jan Kassies Fund for Theaterschool talent

What does the Jan Kassies Fund do?

In financing their study many Academy of Theatre and Dance students have been hit hard by recent tuition fee restrictions. More often than in other disciplines, our students have already followed another bachelor or master study before embarking on a course in dance or theatre. For foreign students from outside the European Union a study is often too expensive.

Students at the Academy of Theatre and Dance are talented individuals, 200% committed to achieving their goals and completing their studies. The ATD’s Jan Kassies Fund was set up to help talented students gain their diplomas despite obstacles posed by new regulations or other exceptional circumstances.

The Jan Kassies Fund is part of the Stichting Fondsen de Theaterschool. The Stichting Fondsen de Theaterschool currently administers a number of funds explicitly geared towards seeking new resources. The Jan Kassies Fund is specifically meant to give talented students financial support so that they can successfully complete their studies.