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online until 8 Dec 2023

Aart Janszen Fund

The Aart Janszen Fund is a support scheme for dance makers, part of the ATD fund. The Aart Janszen Fund wants to facilitate young dancers and choreographers in the process of creating new work with financial contributions.

In the years 2003-2013, Stichting Beheer PapaverStudios existed as a home for young dancers and choreographers. In 2020, the board decided to no longer focus on establishing its own dance studios, but on supporting young dance, mime and choreography students in creating their graduation work.

New and innovative work
The Aart Janszen Fund, named after the driving force behind PapaverStudios, is committed to stimulating the development of new and innovative work in which the possibilities of interdisciplinarity, crossovers and new technologies are explored and enrich the creative process. To this end, the Fund provides contributions to graduating students of the Academy of Theater and Dance (Masters and Bachelors) for creating and performing a choreography or mimography.

In the past academic year (2022/2023), the AJ Fund was able to support seven students:

  • Alex Blum, Sister Songs (BA SNDO)
  • Joris Buizer, Fallin' (BA Theater Teacher)
  • Maud ter Haar, YORKAFOWRU (BA OPP)
  • Fariborz Karimi, Disclosed Presence (MA DAS Theatre)
  • Zander Porter, 3M0T1NG{/n3tw0rk1ng} (MA DAS Choreography)
  • Isadora Tomasi, I wanna tell you another story (MA DAS Theater)
  • Pjotr Urbaniec, AVALANCHE (MA DAS Theater)

If you think you are eligible for support from the Aart Janszen Fund, please register via the online application form no later than December 8, 2023 for a pitch and meeting with the committee consisting of alumni and colleagues from the field. An online registration form will become available shortly. The committee will invite selected candidates for a presentation and conversation on Saturday, January 20, 2024. You are free to choose a presentation format to show the committee why your graduation project deserves financial support.

Committee members Aart Janszen Fonds
Moos van den Broek
Dalton Jansen
Hidde Aans-Verkade
Devika Chotoe
Lucie Huiskens

About Aart Janszen

The Aart Janszen Fund derives its name from Aart Janszen who worked at the  Theatre School, the forerunner of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, from 1986 onwards. He supervised the fusion of a number of independent dance academies to form a combined whole consisting of five dance study programmes. These included the brand new Jazz and Show Musical study programme, the Modern Theatre Dance study programme and the School for New Dance Development; study programmes that were unique within Dutch theatre education at the time. When Aart retired from the Academy in 2003, his devotion to the process of making dance prompted him to set up PapaverStudios located in large renovated garage on the Papaverweg in Amsterdam Noord as ‘a base for young dancers and choreographers’. The facility included three dance studios that offered dancers and choreographers the opportunity to create a dance work over the course of several weeks or hold rehearsals and try-outs.   



Application form

online until 8 Dec 2023