ATD Fund and Papaver start new support arrangement for dancers

The ATD Fund that awards prizes and supports students and alumni of the Academy of Theatre and Dance has launched a new support arrangement for dancers. The Aart Janszen Fund was founded on the accumulated capital of the Stichting Beheer PapaverStudios and aims to financially support young dancers and choreographers in their endeavour to make new work.

During the years between 2003 – 2013, Stichting Beheer PapaverStudios served as a base for young dancers and choreographers. In 2020 the board of directors decided that instead of committing to an own dance studio, the foundation should support young dance, mime and choreography students in realising their graduation work. The new Aart Janszen Fund named after the driving force behind PapaverStudios, focuses on stimulating the development of new and innovative work. It does so by providing grants to graduate students of the Academy of Theatre and Dance (M.A. and B.A.) to create and stage  choreographies, mime performances or to further develop a graduation project.

In the first grant year (2021/2022), the AJ Fund was able to support six students:
Devika Chotoe with the project N/Pantla (BA SNDO)
Flavia Barbosa Pinheiro with the project Abiku (MA DAS Choreography)
Amparo Gonzalez Sola with the project If every rock is a hole (MA DAS Choreography)
Merette van Hijfte with the project CLEAVED (BA Mime)
Valeryia Le with the project Ode to ... (BA SNDO)
Kim Zeevalk with the project I happen to do this for you (BA Mime)

For the second round of 2022-2023 edition, the call is open from 18 Jan. to 8 Feb
Students can find the application form on MyAHK

“What to think of discipline-transcending collaborations and the use of new technologies. Now especially, they influence and enrich the dance world. As fund we are thrilled to contribute to these developments. Our collaboration with the ATD Fund and the connections we have established with the Academy of Theatre and Dance means we remain closely involved with the dance world also after the graduation phase”, says Lucie Huiskens, board member of the Stichting Beheer PapaverStudios.   

The Aart Janszen Fund is just one of the funds under the umbrella of the ATD Fund. Others it oversees are the Jan Kassies Fund and the funds that award the Top Naeff Prize, Henny Kamerman Dance Prize and the Andre Veltkamp Grant. Chairperson Anna Drijver: “We as board of directors of the ATD Fund are delighted that with the Aart Janszen Fund we now have a fund specifically for dancers. In this way we cater to ever more students and alumni of the ATD and stimulate young makers at the start of their career.”   

In the near future, the Aart Janszen Fund support scheme for dancers will gain a more definite form in consultation with the ATD. Additional information will be given on the ATD Fund website shortly. See if you want to contribute or read more about the different funds that fall under the ATD Fund.   

About Aart Janszen

The Aart Janszen Fund derives its name from Aart Janszen who worked at the  Theatre School, the forerunner of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, from 1986 onwards. He supervised the fusion of a number of independent dance academies to form a combined whole consisting of five dance study programmes. These included the brand new Jazz and Show Musical study programme, the Modern Theatre Dance study programme and the School for New Dance Development; study programmes that were unique within Dutch theatre education at the time. When Aart retired from the Academy in 2003, his devotion to the process of making dance prompted him to set up PapaverStudios located in large renovated garage on the Papaverweg in Amsterdam Noord as ‘a base for young dancers and choreographers’. The facility included three dance studios that offered dancers and choreographers the opportunity to create a dance work over the course of several weeks or hold rehearsals and try-outs.