Who does IDlab collaborate with?

IDlab is an open space for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural collaborations beyond the boundaries of the ATD – with, for and by the students, teachers and various study programmes at the academy, and especially with the outside world of artists, other academies and disciplines, universities, theatres festivals and media companies.

IDlab is currently working closely together with the VRacademy the Netherlands Film Academy (NFA). We foresee that developments in virtual and augmented reality will further blur the boundaries between our artistic disciplines and our academies. The VRacademy is located on Marineterrein, the former navy complex behind the National Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum), placing us right at the centre of this hub for Amsterdam’s creative industry.

We are working together with the Academy of Architecture on the development of a specialist workshop for 2D and 3D printing and cutting where you will find manufacturing-grade tools for cutting, reworking, sculpting and printing in 3D. This workshop is also located on Marineterrein.

We are participants in the University of Utrecht’s  Transmission In Motion study, which is engaged in the search for new opportunities for cross-sector collaborations that connects the humanities, the sciences and the arts with partners from industry, healthcare and education. Within the network in Amsterdam, this research takes place through ARIAS: Amsterdam Research Institute of the Arts and Sciences, and ACIN: Amsterdam Creative Industries Netwerk.

We have collaborated or currently collaborate on a project basis with the following partners: Pips:lab, Ulrike Quade Company, Urland, L’Ecole de Sable, ICKamsterdam, Amsterdam Light Festival, STRP Festival, the Kröller-Müller Museum, Contact Amsterdam, Rembrandt House Museum, The Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Breitner Academie, the Academy of Architecture, EYE film museum and Sound and Vision (Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid).

IDlab is very open to connecting with a wide range of disciplines, especially parties outside the school. We and our students have plenty to offer any external collaboration. These talented young performative artists also have a keen eye for the experiential worlds around us – the worlds outside the sealed helmets, virtual environments and bubbles!

If see potential or have ideas about how you’d like to work with us, send a brief email to atd-idlab@ahk.nl.