Artist in residence Vesna Petresin

Vesna Petresin is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher whose practice-based work focusses on immersive experience and the fusion of film, media technologies and performing arts. She is part of the Artist in Residence programme of the AHK and the Film Academy.

In August 2018, Vesna invited the internationally renowned British Australian media artist and electronic interactivity designer Matthew Gingold to co-create a short mixed-reality performance. The resulting piece intertwines performance art, music, film and computer algorithms, and sees the artists exploring various 3D and 4D content spatialization formats and various forms of interactivity and immersion.

The performance is a short, immersive experience in which Vesna and Matt attempt to liberate themselves from the limitations imposed by portable devices, hardware and software. Members of the public enter an installation that is being created around them in real-time by the performer’s movements. The performer’s attempts to be liberated from complex ‘heavy’ media technology and systems expands her expressive freedoms and brings her ever closer to a deeply intriguing encounter with the audience.

About Vesna Petresin and Matthew Gingold
Vesna Petresin’s work has been exhibited in Tate Modern, ArtBasel Miami and at the Cannes Film Festival. Matt Gingold’s has appeared internationally at Ars Electronica, MOCA Taipei and Yamagichi Centre for Media Arts Inter-Lab in Japan.

Vesna and Matt are supported by the research partner The DynAikon conducts research into the development integration of new computer visions and graphic algorithms for live performance, dance, and human-computer interactivity. DynAikon research is supported in part by Innovate UK. Find out more about at

Bram Snijders (ATD, 360 projection mapping)
Willem Weemhof (ATD, technical producer)
Aron Fels (NFA alumnus, IMFVX visuals and VR)
Jilt van Moorst (NFA, AR/VR/motion tracking)
Imanol Gomez (additional programming, see
Marcus Lux (audio mastering and composition assistance, see

Mieke Bernink (NFA, Master of Film)
Harry Schreurs (NFA, VRacademy)
Erik Lint (ATD, IDlab)
Marijke Hoogenboom (AHK, head of the Artist in Residence programme)