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Got an idea?

IDlab can only thrive as a vibrant and experimental meeting place if we nourish one another with our ideas. So bring it on!

Who’s who at IDlab?

  • Programme director: Erik Lint
  • Team: Ward ten Voorde, Paul van de Ploeg, Bram Snijders, Willem Weemhof, Arjan Schoolderman.


Mail your idea to
In your mail:
•    Let us know which artist you’d like to invite into the school and/or what theme you’d like to explore
•    Explain why you want to invite this artist or highlight this theme
•    If possible, add a link to further information and/or contact details.

IDlab is very open to a wide range of disciplines, especially with parties outside the school. Our academy and students have plenty to offer any external collaboration. These talented young performative artists also have a keen eye for the experiential worlds around us – the worlds outside the sealed helmets, virtual environments and bubbles!
If you’d like to know more about the possibilities or you’ve got an idea for a collaboration, send a short explanatory email to

Mail your short proposal to
In your proposal, briefly detail:

  • the central focus is of your research project
  • the goal of your project
  • why you believe your idea is a good one
  • who will be interested in the project
  • the people you would like to involve
  • the project timetable
  • how the project could be financed or co-financed.