Inter-departmental projects

At IDlab we develop all sorts of innovative educational projects. See below for some inspiring examples of cross-departmental collaborative educational projects.

2019 – The Dutch pavilion at Expo '70 in Osaka centred on the humanisation of the new information and communications technology available at that time. The Netherlands presented its pavilion as a ‘viewing machine’, designed by Weeber, Bakema and Crouwel.

Visitors to this pavilion were immersed in an experiential multimedia world created with synchronised 16mm film projectors. Drawing inspiration from Bert Haanstra, in 1969 the directors Weisz and Vrijman travelled for many months throughout the Netherlands, using three synchronised cameras to capture panoramic views of Holland (Oranda in Japanese). The resulting spatial-musical with a soundtrack based on Louis Andriessen’s SPEKTAKEL used 36 km of celluloid to present this perspective on the Netherlands, giving expression to the Dutch connection with water, land and sky, as well as with innovation, arts and science. The original material is kept in the archives of the EYE, the NAi, and Sound and Vision (Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid).

For the EXPO1970/2018 Re-Mediate: Orandakan 3.0 project, scenography and architecture and VRacademy students responded to the 1970 original with their design for a new pavilion. What can students do with the archival material? What forms of technology and immersion will they select? Would they develop a social pavilion with 360 projections in mixed reality? If so, what would they choose to synchronise? Time? 1969-2019? What were the conditions for undertaking this innovative cross media educational project? What method would they devise for entering the results of the Orandakan project back into the archives? Who was it for, and what was the goal?

Collaborating partners
Amsterdam University of the Arts:
Academy of Theatre and Dance – Erik Lint (programme director, IDlab), Bart Visser (artistic director, Scenography)
Academy of Architecture – Jan Richard Kikkert (head, Master of Architecture)
Netherlands Film Academy – Mieke Bernink (head, Master of Film), Harry Schreurs (head, VRacademy VRBase)

Eye: Mark Paul Meyer, Rommy Albers, Frank Roumen
Sound and Vision (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid): Bas Agterberg, Johan Oomen
ARIAS: Flora Lysen, Jeroen Boomgaard

2019 – a collaboration between Scenography students with De Veenfabriek, an interdisciplinary music theatre company based at the Veenfabriek in Leiden. This project revolves around video mapping, lighting and music theatre.

2018/2019 – The collaborative Aangeraakt (‘Touched’) project engaged with the following question: In what ways can scientific insights into the behaviour of the smallest particles be translated for a general public?

2018 – Ola Mafalaani led this collaboration between third-year Theatre Directing students here at the AHK and the Writing for Performance department at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU).

Christmas 2017 De Kerstmusical (The Christmas Musical) is a show by the Drama and Contemporary Music Theatre department (ATKA), URLAND performance collective, and the Design & Technology Department.

Every year, Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate the birth of Christ in year zero. Taking ‘proto-christ’ as their inspiration, second- and third-year students from the ATKA and Design & Technology departments created their own Christmas musical with the URLAND performance collective and performed it at IDlab Studio.

URLAND are renowned for their ground-breaking research projects and their Internet trilogy: MS DOS/Prometheus geketend (I); Explorer/Prometheus ontketend (II) and Internet of Things/Prometheus de Vuurbrenger (III).