Student projects

At IDlab we develop all sorts of innovative educational projects. See below for some inspiring examples of IDlab educational projects initiated by students, sometimes for their final exams.

Mime department: Weg, a performative installation
23 and 24 February 2018
- In 2016, Mime student Jurriaan de Vos made a beautiful installation celebrating the landscape using 240 photographs, 2,000 metres of rope, and one huge revolving wheel.

In 2018, IDlab provided time and space for Jurriaan to present this installation-performance for the second time. Weg is interdisciplinary and non-virtual. Technology is a thing; a physical live instrument that has to be overcome. Jurriaan worked with photographic emulsion, time relays, time switches, a racing bike, wind, and water that you could can feel, see, hear and smell.

The installation’s premiere on 23 and 24 February 2018 on the roof of the Academy of Theatre and Dance.