ID.OS open studio meet-ups

At the series of ID.OS (IDlab Open Studio) meet ups, internationally oriented artists and collectives and creative producers present their interdisciplinary technological practice, spanning electronic music, video games, music videos and Instagram documentaries. This meet-up series is all about new ways of making art. What trajectory does the creative process take, from idea to design to result?

It is the goal of ID.OS to inspire students with the many wide-ranging and successful forms of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Collaboration is vitally important for students. No artist works completely alone: writers have their editors, actors their director, and so on. Students with the ability to collaborate increase the chances of happiness, wellbeing and success as an artist, in both the personal and professional sphere.

The qualities required for successful collaboration include empathy, solidarity, trust and good communication. Interdisciplinary collaboration is an exceptionally good way of developing these qualities. By focusing attention on the working methods, experiences and expectations of people operating in other disciplines, you learn not only about them and their discipline, but also about yourself and your discipline – you acquire a new language!

Through its programme exploring topical examples from successful interdisciplinary collaborations, ID.OS seeks to broaden students’ horizons, to inspire them, and to build a network of students from all departments of the AHK who are inquisitive and eager to learn.

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ID.OS meet-ups are curated by Juha van ’t Zelfde, an interdisciplinary programmer, exhibition maker and creative producer who is committed to the revolutionary potential of the radical imagination.

Juha joined the core team of DAS Graduate School’s new Creative Producing master’s programme in 2018 and since 2017 he has been heading Shadow Channel, the Sandberg Institute’s new temporary film, design and propaganda master’s programme.

From 2014 to 2017 Juha was the artistic director of Lighthouse, an institute for interdisciplinary arts in Brighton, England, where he worked with the likes of Hito Steyerl, Holly Herndon and Metahaven on festivals, exhibitions and talent development programmes. He has been a member of the programming team for the Sonic Acts festival since 2013, and before that he worked as a programmer and exhibition maker for Stedelijk Museum, Lantaren/Venster and Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ.

As a DJ of progressive club music, Juha has been active internationally for 20 years, playing everywhere from St Petersburg to London with artists such as Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, Bbymutha, Lafawndah, Gaika, Squarepusher, Klein and Maryann Hobbs.