How is IDlab organised and managed?

The IDLab is led by: Erik Lint (head) and Willem Weemhoff (teacher / technical producer). Together they are responsible for Research & Development of the IDlab. For every educational or student project they look for the right teachers and professionals from the professional practice.

The IDlab programme is led by IDlab Platform, headed by its director Erik Lint. All the study programs and supporting production departments are represented within the platform, which convenes three times each year. We are also assembling a student editorial team.

IDlab Platform discusses such questions as:

  • Which interdisciplinary educational projects and what forms of research do we wish to carry out?
  • How should these projects be produced?
  • With which guest teachers do the participating departments wish to work?
  • What facilities and investments are required to carry out the desired activities?

The IDlab student editorial team will discuss such questions as:

  • Who would you find an inspiring prospect to invite for meet ups and talks?
  • What new techniques would you like to introduce to the school?
  • What workshops would be relevant for students?
  • Do you have your own ideas for special IDlab projects, or do you know other students with ideas for special IDlab projects?

If you would like to join the IDlab student editorial team, send a brief email containing your letter of motivation to