Evening performance programme

Saturday 25 June
Time: 19:30 – 22:00 hrs.

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Support programme: dance films 
‘Songs of the underworld’ - Nicola Hepp 
‘KALI’ - Sabine Molenaar  

Main programme: live performance 
‘Fake Dances’ - Samuel Feldhandler  
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Supporting programme

Supporting programme 
Support programme
Time: 20:00 – 20:30 hrs.

Dance film 1

A dance film about ageing and loneliness. 
Bittersweet, almost tangible remembrance is vividly portrayed by dancers Rolf Hepp (the director's father), Martinette Janmaat (the director's former teacher/mentor) and two young performers: Reggy Deekman and Célinne Moza. As the images of the older and the younger couple become more intertwined, we begin to understand that this story is not only about youth being lost. 
Director and choreographer: Nicola Hepp, Director of photography: Chris Fawcett, Editor: Ad Rietvelt, Postproduction: Postoffice 

Dance film 2 
KALI - Sabine Molenaar 

In the fringe where you dance with your shadow, where being naked flows seamlessly into being masked, three female figures try to find a harmony between illusion and disillusion in their longing for the innocence of the 'untouched'. 
Concept and Direction: Sabine Molenaar , DOP: Fleur Boonman, Assistent dop: Geoffrey De Decker Editor: Myriam Magassouba Color correction: Laura Novo Sound design: Malik Djoudi en Julien Lepreux Technical support/lighting: Filip Timmerman Produced by: DansBrabant / PLAN Production: Kosmonaut Production With the support of: Benjamin Vanhagendoren - BATCH - Bureau d'Accueil des Tournages Cinema en Hainaut. 


Live performance: Fake Dances  

Time main programme: 20:30 – 21:15 hrs. 
Fake Dances – Samuel Feldhandler  

Fake Dances is a collection of short dances, each consisting of a written dance theme and an improvisation, which follow each other much like tunes do during a jazz concert. The work focuses on the tool of the 'fake book', a collection of scores used by jazz musicians to play together quickly and easily. Fake Dances explores a space between composition and interpretation and can beperformed by various constellations of performers. Up until today, it has taken the shapes of a solo, two different duets and a group piece for seven dancers. For the MTD Legacy Festival, it will come to life as a trio with Anni Kaila, Lena Schattenberg and Samuel Feldhandler.  

The performance program will be followed by a fifteen-minute after talk. Join us to get insights, extra information, and exchange your experiences.   

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