Open air performance - The Gyre

Open air performance
‘The Gyre’ by Cie. Tumbleweed  

Day: Saturday June 25 
Time: 18:15 – 19:00 hrs.
Free entrance

This performance takes place in front of the Academy of Theatre and Dance  

All matter is vibration and subject to change. An endless amount of possible forms arise and collapse from this incessant flux, conducted by an urgent need to exist and transmit.   

The Gyre is a duet evolving from one basic action: walking.   

Gravitating around one shared central point, walking accelerates into a whirling, fathoming the mechanics of a relationship. Persistence and steady transformation unfold into a rigorous, yet fragile complementary score. Fugacious shapes emerge along the orbiting trajectory and coalesce with the subtle design of light and sound. In every instant of a turn, the two performers drift in and out of another, the distinct lines and contours of the bodies blur delicately into one. 

Based in Brussels and Zürich, tumbleweed is a collaboration between the swiss choreographer and dancer Angela Rabaglio and french choreographer, dancer and musician Micaël Florentz.