Esrim Veshalosh Ma’alot

Sunday July 5
14.00 hrs. - introduction
14.15 hrs. - fragment and talk with Tamir Eting - Esrim Veshalosh Ma’alot

The work explores the fundamental conditions and possibilities of human vision. Departing from different ideas about human and nonhuman relations to stimulus of light and darkness, such as: the reflex response of pupils to light, dilation and contraction. As well as, the locomotory movement of insects towards or away artificial or natural light sources. Or, the earth’s 23 degrees axial tilt causing the four seasons. Likewise, the work is inspired by ancient and modern ways of thinking light: 11th century navigation techniques using the horizon line and constellation of the stars to determine one’s own location and (centralise) relation to one’s surroundings. Also, the capital project of monetizing, traveling, and moving at the speed of light, producing a culture of constant luminosity.  
At the centre of this work: a white wall and two black holes. The white wall serves as the surface upon which significance inscribes its signs. The black holes are the swallowing force in which subjectification lodges its passion and consciousness. At the intersection of these two surfacesystems, a mechanism is created, unceasingly producing new worlds.  

The hand- held light frames moving (being-moved) in delicate rhythms of light and touch. Activation, becomes intentions, becomes sensations. Coordinations float free from restraint. Shadows and silhouettes form shapes and lines, not to be filled in, but to serve as the matrix for each of the colours to come.  

As a self-contained constellation, there is no hidden puppetry taking place as a back-stage does not exist. Light, sound, and movement are being negotiated and activated by the performers as space is composed through movement, exposed in its relational, fluid possibilities.  

Concept, Choreography and Set Design: Tamir Eting  
Performed by: Dasom Lee  
Live sound: yon eta Operating lights: Tamir Eting  
Music: Saba Alizadeh, Scattered Memories, 2019.  
Advisor and programming lights : Nikki Hock  
Technical support: Roan Lo-a-Noje, Shimon Datauker, Dave Krooshof and Geert Oddens. Special thanks to Carolina Papetti, Lucia Fernandez Santoro, SNDO 2nd and 3rd year students

Watch the performance Esrim Veshalosh Ma’alot by Tamir Eting