Bodies in their traces

Sunday July 5
15.00 hrs. - talk with Keerthi Basavarajaiah - Bodies in their traces 

Hauntingly, a body can be affected without being physically touched by an other “ with spooky action at a distance there is no simple location of objects as separated out in space. Traces of bodies generating more bodies in becoming. A space where the mode of performance makes felt what is moving between acts. In-between moments composing a series of and and and...and. Questioning the common ̃ assumption of human agency, which is always visually dominant, this work looks at generative spaces where emerging bodies foreground the experience at play in the interstices of perception. With the current regulationconditions of the Virus the work has been highly influenced in curating ways of DISTANCE PARTICIPATIONACTIVATION. A dance in the initiation of senses- of touch, smell, taste, sound , movement in a Synesthestic play with each other through the traces the materiality produce.

Presence in their absences, presence in their traces, presence at a distance. Multiplicities of bodies in their manner of occurrence.Weaving materials together, what comes to the foreground in the most common things are minor gestures in almost ungraspable qualities “ almost surreal. Things - or thingies - come alive in a subtle dance that always exceeds its parts. From tiny sounds - crackle, sizzle, sputters - to the body gestures that more often than not go unseen, the work tends to what goes unseen. Perhaps more than a performance, the work stages encounters: between bodies, between things, between time.

Keerthi Basavarajaiah as a maker is creating spaces, worlds which facilitate a side-ways perception amidst the bodies that might get exhausted in their habitual perception and engagement with the surrounding. Through crafting and creating conditions for the performing body- bodies and space which can exceed its form. Foregrounding what else is at play. Tending to and resonating with what is carried and moving across, in-between the rhythm of mundaneness. Her curiosities lie in the conception of being a self- many selves. How is the self an attunement to what is at play in the surrounding, moving with the emergent conditions? Generating ripples in the manner of being as a during and after, crafting the rhythm of its movements. A lure of artfulness at play, living across several thresholds.

Concept, Choreography: Keerthi Basavarajaiah.
Performed by: Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Marina Orlova.
Advised by : Erin Manning, Antonia Steffens. Set, costume, prop
Design, music scores: Keerthi Basavarajaiah
Special Thanks: Halbe Kuipers, Abhishek Thappar, Lucia Fernandez- Santoro,