Avochinan di Awe

Saterday July 4
16.25 hrs. - introduction
16.30 hrs. - performance and talk with Naomie Pieter - Avochinan di Awe

'Nan a disidi ku nan no ta keda mas. Nan a pone nan dedenan huntu, manera e mucha chikitu nan ta hasi.
Anto nan a sali na kareda. Nan a disidí di bula bai bèk Afrika. Nan a bula bula bula bai'

They decided not to stay anymore. They placed all their fingers together, like little children do. And they
started running. They decided to fly back to West-Africa. They jumped and jumped and flied away.

'Nan a tra awa di huramentu, pa duná nan forsa y unidat den e lucha pa Libertat. Nan a hura otro ku nan
lo keda bringa te nan morto.'

They made sworn water, to give them strength and unity in their fight for Liberation. They swore each
other that they will keep fighting until their deaths.

Through Curacao history, Afro-Spirituality and Tambú, the maker researches the question of collectivity
and unity within social justice.

*Note: during this performance you will have to take your shoes of.

Naomie Pieter

Alexine Gabriela

Tambú music
Humphrey Stefania - Bari
Alvin Arendel - Chapi

Special and many thanks to:
Richenel Ansano
Aronnette Martis
Judith & Frits Decoratelier
Rene Rosalia
Fana Richters

Avochinan di Awe - Naomie Pieter