We Are Here

13 January 2015 at 17:30 hrs

On the occasion of recent cooperations with Frascati and de Theaterschool we dedicate a special issue of HALf6 to WE ARE HERE.

Participants from the WE ARE HERE campaign group with Lara Staal (Frascati) and the German theater director Nicolas Stemann (Thalia Theater Hamburg) on their production Labyrinth (WE ARE HERE cooperative) and the programme ‘Out of State’.

Guests from the three present Theaterschool projects with WE ARE HERE on Art as Protest in the dansworkshop We Are Here to move (you) (Dance Theaters department), in Wasteland # an underground academy (Theatre in Education department) and in Blow Up (Departments Scenography, Production and Stage Management and Technical Theatre Arts).

Moderated by Jaïr Stranders & Rosa Asbreuk

Be welcome and join us!