Programme 3 December 2013

What is a platform? Why are there more and more platforms founded? Is this the new way for arts and media to bind forces and to exchange knowledge?

At HALf6 we introduce three different ones to you:

PLATFORM SCENOGRAFIE - Anne Karin ten Bosch and Carly Everaert
PERFORMANCE PLATFORM - Nicole Beutler, Bojana Mladenovic, Barbara Van Lindt and Frederique Bergholz

DE CORRESPONDENT – Maurits Martijn

RODERICK BREDENOORD (Amsterdamse Toneelschool&kleinkunstacademie) and ANNA NIJENHUIS (ArtEZ Toneelschool) on their cooperation for their graduation performance KleineZaalTragedie

MARIJKE SCHAAP and JULIE VEGTER introduce the student discount card for the Compagnietheater

Weekly columnby theatre maker VICTOR MENTINK

Hosts: Ingeborg Nijboer and Sarah Steeman

Sounds: Krapp’s Last Band
And: Soup, drinks, talk!