Are you coming on The trip to the whole castle? Join the online DAS Theatre Master presentation by Jānis Balodis

Jānis Balodis - The trip to the whole castle. Graphic design by Maaike Besseling.

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Jānis Balodis and DAS Theatre are pleased to​ invite you to The trip to the whole castle,  a​n online 2020 DAS Theatre Master Presentation.​ Join the live-stream tonight. 

Online Programme

About The trip to the whole castle 

Some time ago we were kids. Some time ago we had summer breaks. Some time ago we went in to the yard in the morning and thought: “What am I going to do today?” Some time ago we went to some castle ruins and thought: “It can’t be that this is it! This castle here doesn’t feel whole. Where is the missing part of it?” Some time ago a girl came to us and said: “I might know what are you looking for, and I might know where to find it. Do you mind me joining you?”

The trip to the whole castle is a work that shifts its form and content in relation to the space and context within which it takes place. This feels like an absolute necessity in order for ‘a journey to occur’. The one and only thing that stays the same is a desire to go and find a castle, and to let the mysterious girl from the past help.

Jānis Balodis was born in a country that doesn’t exist anymore, and, can still see and feel its aftermath in many ways, either back home in Riga or here in Amsterdam. Jānis is interest­ed in seeing and perceiving reality as hundreds of layers of the past, present and possible future that exist here and now, all at the same time.

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