John Taylor

As a dancer and actor, I have been teaching as long as I have been performing. For me the process of sharing one’s practice with others is a foundational part of being and developing as an artist.

I grew up on a horse farm in Virginia in the USA. In my late teen years, I made a move from athletics to theatre and dance. Europe then called to me and I made to the move to London to study and teach at the Laban Center for Movement and Dance. Later while working in Wales I made contact with Dutch choreographers, and in 1989 moved to the Netherlands. Through the years, I have worked for many companies and projects, winning the choreographer’s competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma and receiving the Silver Dance Award from the Dutch theatre directors (VSCD).

My teaching is centered around creating a community of practice in the classroom in which we learn from each other. Learning technique is personal and a development of artistic practice. Recently, my teaching has focused on two things: the use of circles and spirals anatomically, socially and in connection to space; and the relationship between partner work and individual technique.