Gustavo Ciríaco

Gustavo Ciríaco

DAS Research

Tutor, THIRD Programme
THIRD Fellow (Cohort 2)

Gustavo Ciríaco is a Brazilian performing artist based in Lisbon. He started his career in Political Sciences and then drifted to dance-making and site-specific projects. In his works, he dialogues with the historical, material and affective context, moving from exhibition projects to multimedia staged work, passing through  works and landscape projects. Ciríaco has travelled and worked in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East in projects, artistic collaborations and workshops.

His works have been presented in major national and international festivals, galleries and venues as Crossing the Line/N.York, Casa Escendida/Madrid, Museu Serralves/Porto, Mercat de Flors/Barcelona, Alkantara, Culturgest, TNDM II, ZDB, Museu Berardo/Lisbon, Ferme de Buisson/Paris, Tanz im August/Berlin, Al-Mammal Foundation/Jerusalem, Prague Theatre Festival/Prague, Vooruit/Ghent, Tokyo Wonder Site/Tokyo, Digital Art Center/Taipei, CENEART/Mexico City, Panorama, CCBB/Rio de Janeiro), Arqueologías del Futuro/Buenos Aires, SESC, Itaú Cultural/São Paulo, Salón 44/Pereira, Walk&Talk/Azores, London Festival, BAC/London, NottDance/Nottingham, Arnolfini/Bristol, Metropolis/Copenhagen, NAVE/Santiago, FIDCU/Montevideo, FADJR/Teheran. 

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