When We Breathe

When We Breathe
What happens When we Breathe?

Een energieke montagevoorstelling over de zoektocht van 6 young black men over rituelen, helden, ademen, vallen en weer opstaan

Regie: Toni Blackwell
Regieassistent: Lisa Carreno
Spel: Rashid Dijks, Julien Gouweleeuw, Erwin Kiene, Justin Kuijper, Gidion Rumai, Ernesto Samson
Begeleiding: Rutger Esajas, Mich Simon, Sassan Yaghmai

"When we breathe, you see how we be
Stressed or at ease,
to the trained eye it becomes almost impossible to overlook
Know thyself and thou shalt know the Other,
you'll perceive, all those tiny little bits of information that you're ready to receive.
If you don't, nigga please.
And I don't just say please because of the 'nigga please'
I say please because the word please carries in it a plea, I plead to you.
Watch how we breathe. Please do.
Breaths tell us stories, and the stories follow a certain trend, that is, when the breath stops, the story ends.
Although, that depends, on what, to you, constitutes the story and to what end
Watch how we breathe.

Did you catch it yet?"

Read the interview with Toni Blackwell

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